What is openIMIS?

openIMIS is a versatile open source software which supports the administration of health financing and social protection schemes. It is specially designed to manage the complex, high-volume data flows which are required to operate such schemes by seamlessly integrating beneficiary, provider and payer data in a single platform.

More than 10 million people in 8 countries benefit from health insurance, employment injury insurance, cash transfer and voucher schemes managed using openIMIS.

Our vision and mission

The vision of openIMIS is effectively managed health financing and social protection mechanisms which contribute to Universal Health Coverage and Universal Social Protection.

Our mission is continuous improvement of the openIMIS software and its implementations, through the open source community, to efficiently manage health financing and social protection schemes.

What sets openIMIS apart?

A recognised digital public good

Certified by the Digital Public Goods Alliance, openIMIS can be downloaded, adapted and freely used by people anywhere in the world. Like other open source software, it offers a scalable, replicable solution that can be applied to local requirements. Customizing openIMIS is less time- and resource-intensive than developing something from scratch. What’s more, the software is continuously improved and updated based on user feedback. This means that users not only benefit from a top-quality product, but can help to shape it for future users as well.

Co-created by a vibrant community

openIMIS has been developed – and continues to evolve – through an open and collaborative process. Users, developers and implementers spread across the world are all part of the openIMIS community. They provide suggestions for new features, report and address technical glitches, and provide expert support to other users. In the openIMIS community, knowledge and expertise are diversified, rather than concentrated in a few hands. Anyone can contribute – and everyone benefits in return.

Modular and fully customisable

openIMIS offers functionality in beneficiary management (including registration), benefits administration (including payments), and data analysis. Users can pick and choose which modules they wish to use and can adapt these the specific needs of different use cases, from social insurance to cash transfer schemes.

Enables the seamless exchange of information

Because it is built in accordance with industry standards for information exchange (HL7 FHIR specifications), openIMIS can communicate seamlessly with other systems, including data analytics platforms (e.g. DHIS2), electronic medical record systems, and existing beneficiary lists held by social protection agencies. This results in faster, smoother experiences for the scheme operators and health/payment providers who work directly with openIMIS – and for scheme beneficiaries as well.

Offers a business model for local companies

openIMIS is a global product whose implementation in countries is made possible by the contributions of local companies and software developers. This arrangement is mutually beneficial. Local companies which develop expertise in digital global goods can translate this into a successful business model. By providing services and support to users of openIMIS, these companies create jobs and generate benefits for the local economy. They also help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the software.

A sustainable solution

All of these attributes help to make openIMIS a sustainable solution that not only meets the needs of the current moment, but can evolve to meet tomorrow’s as well. openIMIS is not a faceless product, interchangeable with any other. Scheme operators and implementers feel particular ownership of openIMIS because they have been part of creating it. This makes it likely that they will continue to use and maintain it using their own resources.