Cash Transfers

A versatile open source solution for cash transfer schemes

Cash transfers are a form of social assistance designed to provide people with quick, flexible help, particularly in emergency situations. During the COVID pandemic, more than 1.3 billion people benefitted from cash transfer schemes which aimed to protect their lives and livelihoods. Humanitarian aid agencies increasingly use cash transfers to channel assistance to people and households in other types of crises, such as natural disasters.

openIMIS can help payment service providers and scheme operators to streamline the administration of such schemes, thereby ensuring that funds are distributed quickly and efficiently to the right people. If offers a simple, digital solution for managing the complex flows of information required to determine beneficiaries’ eligibility, enroll them in the scheme, calculate payments and manage the scheme’s operations.

Business processes

openIMIS supports the following business processes for cash transfer schemes:

  • Registration of beneficiary households

  • Registration of payment service providers

  • Definition of payment criteria and generation of payroll

  • Disbursements of payments to beneficiaries

  • Data analysis

Example workflow

Cash Transfers

Current implementations

The Gambia

Further information

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