openIMIS is a web-based software that allows for seamless exchange of information between beneficiaries, providers and payers of health financing and social protection schemes.

Modular design

openIMIS is modular and customizable. It offers functionality in beneficiary management (including registration), benefits administration (including payments), and data analysis. Users can pick and choose the modules they wish to use, and can adapt these to their specific needs.

Standards and interoperability

The openIMIS Initiative actively contributes to standardization initiatives such as OpenHIE, GovStack and the Digital Convergence Initiative to ensure interoperability in a larger systems context. openIMIS follows the international FHIR standard for information exchange, allowing it to work seamlessly with other systems. This means that openIMIS can readily exchange data with everything from widely used data analytics platforms such as DHIS2 to electronic medical record systems like OpenMRS and other existing beneficiary management systems, such as those maintained by social security agencies.

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Data security and privacy

openIMIS takes care to ensure that the software is free of security-related issues and that all required measures to ensure the safety of data are in place. However, system owners (e.g. scheme operators) are responsible for ensuring that the required security measures are in place on the virtual or physical server on which openIMIS is installed and hosted. This is where data from the openIMIS implementation are stored. The openIMIS initiative will never have access to any data from any implementation of openIMIS.