Get involved

Welcome to the openIMIS Initiative!

Whether you are a scheme operator, a developer, an implementing partner, a development partner or an academic institution, you are welcome in the openIMIS community.

Become part of a community working hard to ensure better access to quality healthcare for everyone!

As an implementer
You can support existing and potential scheme operators to start and continue using openIMIS. Build on existing templates for requirement analysis, costing and capacity development to provide customized solutions to your clients.
As a developer
As an open-source initiative, openIMIS is always looking to expand its community of software developers. Whatever your platform - Python, Java, or ReactJS, everyone will find something to tackle in the issue queue. Join the Developers Committee now.
As a scheme operator
You can take advantage of the openIMIS community of practice to exchange with peers and asses how using openIMIS can improve your scheme’s efficiency. Join the community now to benefit from a free, open-source tool.

As a development partner
Committed to achieving UHC, you can co-invest to help meet the need for investment and make openIMIS even better. Join now to support openIMIS and become part of a Global Goods process based on donor alignment, real country uses and contribution to the SDGs.
As an academic institution
To expand expertise on openIMIS and digital health financing, we encourage academic institutions to join the community, engage health and ICT students with openIMIS to learn from real-world experiences and develop new functionality within openIMIS.